Julien Casses Studio : Commissions

Julien Casses Studio : Commissions

Blog - Le 4 mai 2011

Commissions :

You want a special miniature for your army, or you want a very nice display miniature for your cabinet ? You like my way of painting, I will be happy to accept commision works.

I’m offering a professional service, quality, and good deadlines.

The work i’m offering include a total process of : composition, conversion, Golden Demon/Slayer Sword (or Intermediar) level of painting, and photography.

Contact :

For any commission, please contact me on this mail : [email protected]

Prices :

For a Contest/Golden Demon/”Sword level” quality standard :

- For a single 30mm miniature, I usually start at 300/350 euros . Price can goes up or down, depending of the difficulty/complexity of the miniature.

- For a monster, price start at 600/700 euros. This include mounted character (on horse or bike etc…)

- For vehicules, all will depend of the size and complexity. Please contact me for this.

For an intermediar quality :

For that kind of commissions, to know the prices : the most simple is to ask me what you want to be paint (single miniature, monster, unit, vehicule etc…), and precisely what kind of particular effects you’ll desire.

For a “studio” commission :

- Please contact me to discuss about your project and desires.


Before working with me you must accept some terms and conditions.

This is how I work:

Miniature Purchase :

I need the unmounted miniature to start, this can be done in two ways:
1 – I bought it and the price of the miniature (including shipping cost) is add to the final price.
2 -You bought it, and send it to me at my postal adress.
It’s possible that I ask you for a first payment before starting to work. This payment will not be refounded in any case and will never be higher that 25% of the painting work.

It’s a self-protection after undecided/not serious customers that made me start the work, and never give any news after.

Color scheme/Conversion/Payment :

We discuss about what you are looking (any particular setting, color scheme, idea etc… or you give me creative freedom).
I am in charge of the preparation of the figure (cleaning, deburring, polishing, caulking, priming …) creation of the base (if not include), painting the miniature, photography and sending.

I usually sign in the base, but if you don’t want it, I can avoid this step.

I can convert the miniature. All will have to be discuss, but any conversion/sculpting work will add and extra cost to the final price. This works also for a very complex base.

A complex and huge base take a long process to be built and paint, (sometimes more than the miniature itself). So if you want a very important scenery for your character, I’ll have to take that in consideration for the final price.

I will send you by e-mail a batch of pictures, final pics or pictures of the process in an advanced stage of the figure.

If it’s “ok” for the customer : the payment could be done by bank account or Paypal including the total amount + shipping, which tend to be near 10 € (16 € for intenational shippings from spain, bigger shippings could be more expensive) including packing materials and protection of the figure.

Paypal charges (near 3%) are at the responsibility of the buyer.

Shipping :

Once I received the paiement, I sent the figure to the postal adress given previously by the customer.

Shipping delay depend of the postal service chosen and the country of arrival (regular french service or Fedex/UPS etc… more expensive but could be faster and safer…)
My package are always very safely done. I always send pictures of the package building process.

I cannot be responsible for any damage during the shipping. This is the responsibility of the delivery service. 
By the way, all the shiping will be with a tracking service. I’ll not send a miniature without a tracking number.

In any case I reserve the rights of the pictures and the use of them for self advertisement, in the same way I will keep the authorship of the figure. All my pictures are intelectual property of Julien Casses Studio.

Delivery times are customized because they depend heavily on the work queue that I could have at the time of receiving the miniature, not at time to formalize the request, usually ranging from 1 to 3 months and I try to keep the client informed of the status of the order.

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