Part3 : The Space Marine

Part3 : The Space Marine

War For Macragge : English - Le 3 janvier 2011

Thanks to Mathieu Fontaine, for the whole traduction of this step by step. Again, you done an incredible job, i can only be thankfull for this for maybe eternity :) !

Link to:

Genesis & building, The Carnifex, The Space Marine, The base, The end.

Space Marine paint job

I finally start to the paint job on the Space Marine! Yep… a week and a half before the contest. Tic Tac Tic Tac says the watch again.

It is based with Ultramarine Blue GW with the help of an airbrush. I then bring the lights to white.

With Cygnar Blue Base and black, I shadow the desired areas. Certain areas are unreachable with a brush. So I excessively thin down my shadow, take my figurine upside down, and apply big drop of paint which will move toward these hard to reach areas. I repeat the process the number of times necessary always leaving the figurine to dry upside down.

The shadows go down toward Cygnar Blue Base P3, Cygnar Blue Base with black and black. I also retouch my intermediary color of Ultramarine as needed.

The parchments are based with a mix of Umbral Umber P3 and Snakebite Leather GW.

I highlight with more and more Snakebite Leather, to which I add Jack Bone P3. Once at pure Jack Bone, I add white all the way to pure white. I push the shadows with Umbral Umber.

The imperial eagle is based with Boltgun Metal + Snakebite Leather.

The lights are realized with Mithril Silver. The shadows are pushed with washes of chestnut ink and black.

Little by little every part of the armour is covered with color. I test beige on the right wrist in order to bring a bit more colors to the ensemble. The goal is also to repeat the colors of the carnifex on the marine. The beige recalls the rib cage and the red of the ultramarine symbol recall the chitin.

The test being conclusive I paint the left shoulder in being. The base is a mix of Snakebite Leather and Kommando Kaki. The lights are brought with Kommando Kaki and then white. The shadows are done with Snakebite Leather and Umbral Umber.

The knife is painted and I start the backpack.

Red is applied on the backpack in order to maintain the recall of color.

Then some chestnut beige.

The face is based with Tallarn Flesh GW Fondation.

Shadowed with Sanguine Base P3.

The highlights begin with Tallarn Flesh.

Which is accentuated gradually with pure white.

Red tones are concentrated under the cheekbones, the junction between the ear and radio and under the lower lip. Shaved hair and a three days beard is done with washes of Bastion Grey P3.

The final points of light are done with non diluted pure white in order to maintain its power. Thinning down your white for points of light make it looses its intensity. These are concentrated on the chin, cheekbones, on the wrinkles of the forehead, the arch of the eyebrows, top of upper lip, top of the nose and top of the muscles surrounding the mouth starting from under the nose.

But wait a minute… Yes ! Yes ! The space marine is almost finished. The only things left are the banner and scripture on the parchments.

The parchments of the banner are done in the same manner as the one on the marine. The gold is based in the same manner as the imperial eagle, and the eagle on top of the banner is based in Mithril Silver.

It receives washes of Badab Black GW.

The same thing is done for the central plaque. This one is then highlighted with Shinning Gold GW and Mithril Silver GW. The eagle receives washes of Gryphone Sepia and points of light with Mithril Silver.

The pole is based with Turquoise Andrea Color 2.

I shadowed it with a mix of Turquoise and black ink up to pure black ink. Lights will be done with White.

The small scriptures are done with black ink and Umbral Umber.

Color Code:


Base : Ultramarine Blue GW

Lights: Ultramarine Blue + white, pure white

Shadows: Cygnar Blue Base P3, Cygnar Blue Base + black, black.


Base : Tallarn Flesh GW Foundation

Lights: Tallarn Flesh + white, pure white

Shadows: Sanguine Base P3

Hair and beard: Bastion Grey GW.

Link to:

Genesis & building, The Carnifex, The Space Marine, The base, The end.

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