GD France : Cancelled

GD France : Cancelled

Blog - Le 9 mars 2013

The facts…

Information can be find on that page (make sure to choose the french version of the Games-Workshop website to have the full text).

At is bottom :

NB : vous vous demandez sans doute pourquoi les finalistes d’Armies on Parade ne se rendent pas au Games Day comme les années précédentes. L’année 2013 ne comportera pas d’édition française du Games Day. Nous avons décidé de profiter de cette année pour remanier le Games Day et ainsi vous proposer une expérience hobby hors du commun pour la prochaine édition.


The rumor was right, even if “rumor” is not the good word, as it seems to be pretty official.

It’s just sad to see GW announce it in a little sentence, on a bottom of page, in an article about Armies on Parade.
Just like they don’t assume that. I’m also a little bit laughting about the “whe are not making a 2013 edition, just to make an outstanding and unbelievable 2014′ one.”
Yeah… just like the wonderfull 2012 edition, with 18 months of organisation… and that was the crappiest french Games Day ever.

Hmmm… there is something else !

The real reason I think, is that they want a return in summer, at the “Parc Floral”, and yeahhh… six months after the 2012 edition is just to short to make a new one ! And this is a damned good reason !

No reason to lie, no reason to make promises that’ll probably never getting true, like they did last year.

2012 result after big promises : A Games Day that just looks like a big GW shop, with no news, no conferences, no offers, no prestigious guests from the painting or sculpting studio like all the others years…

So as the 2014′ Games Day will be in a long time… nothing can be already decide ! They don’t know who’ll be the guests to come, what news to bring, what association will be there, what logistics, who’ll be on charge of what…

At this moment… the ideas for a fantastic event… are just ideas. Nothing more.

After making the mistake last year… it’ld have been safer to just announce a report in 2014 due to timing problem…

So ? !

I’m waiting to see if Spanish and OZ Games Day are also officialy cancelled (as it’s seems to be).

Just hope that German will be keep. As it was maybe the only one I was hoping to go this year. For the GD, but more to see goods friends.
If not… I’ll see friends without a GD… and there’ll be no Golden Demon for me this year !

Uk is too far and the most complicate and expensive to go… and Italy is just too far (and no ones of my friends want to go this year… so :D ) !

In all the case… this will gave us more times to paint other miniatures ranges, or to work on GD project for 2014 :D !

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